Huawei P30 Pro rear camera modue close up

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Buying a new smartphone can be a tough task, especially if you’re not a tech enthusiast clued up on the latest news and reviews. Mobile manufacturers have occasionally been keen to exploit this knowledge gap with dubious marketing tactics, especially if you’re looking for a great camera experience.

Fortunately, we’ve identified a few less-than-savory smartphone camera marketing trends that manufacturers use in a bid to pull the wool over our eyes. So keep these in mind before you splash out on that new phone.

Using studio-level equipment

Redmi Note 11 sample macro image

Marketing photo samples and clips taken with studio-level

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It’s so easy to be drawn into buying the latest and greatest tech. One of my goals is to give you ways to get more out of the tech you already own. Take Amazon Prime.  

If you signed up to shop this year’s Prime Day sales, don’t miss out on all the perks that come with your membership. Tap or click for my favorite hidden Prime benefits, including free, unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB video storage

Of course, freebies are always great. We regularly round up all the tech upgrades you can get without paying a

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Think back to your first cellphone. Beyond making calls and playing Snake, there wasn’t much to do. Today, you carry a full-fledged computer everywhere you go.

Of course, now we’re all on our phones more than ever. Hackers know that and pump out fake apps and clever scams in hopes of infecting your phone. Tap or click for a list of fake apps that mimic real ones. They’re super convincing.

New tech means a lot more storage space, too. I’d be surprised if much of yours isn’t taken up with photos. You can’t replace those precious pictures if your

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Few problems in the world of technology are as frustrating as having a slow internet connection. That’s been true for years, but especially now that millions of people are working or taking classes from home.

If your internet has been slow, spotty, inconsistent, or unresponsive, there are plenty of ways to fix it. Rather than focus on quick fixes, all of our suggestions are designed to solve this

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Some readers are reluctant to upgrade or replace vulnerable Windows 7 PCs, even though Microsoft no longer provides security updates for them.

Instead, the readers are searching for technical tricks that would allow them to keep using the Windows 7 PCs while isolating them from other computers on a network. While that sounds good, it’s not practical.

Last week, Michael Kehoe of Minneapolis asked how he could isolate a vulnerable Windows 7 PC on his home network (see I said that it was possible to do that (using a Wi-Fi network technology called a subnet), but that it

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