Feeling bombarded with apps asking you to rate them? Read along for how to turn off in-app review requests on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Developers asking for reviews inside of apps is a legitimate option that Apple allows that can help app makers and also potential users. But it can become overwhelming, especially if you’re getting them across lots of your apps.

Whether you want a little break from the pop-ups or want to keep them off permanently, it’s quick and easy to toggle off the feature on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to turn off in-app review requests

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As you may have noticed, we do most of our computing through web browsers now. Websites and web apps can take care of everything from watching movies to building spreadsheets to checking emails.

If you think about the desktop programs you use regularly, for many people it’s going to probably be limited to an image editor, a web browser, and perhaps an office application. Working in the cloud is the norm now, and the trend is only going in one direction. (Microsoft even lets you stream Windows through a web browser now.)

With the distinction between online apps and desktop

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When working with colleagues from a remote setting, a text or an email is probably fine for quick conversations, like setting up a meeting. But for more serious discussions, a phone or video call is probably better.

Video calls can get tedious, so they should be used sparingly and mainly when there is a clear purpose for video, Dr. Simon-Thomas said. That could be a meeting with visual aids in a presentation. Or a first-time introduction to a colleague, when it’s nice to see a face.

Whether in the office or at home, if you’re going to write to your

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There’s an eyebrow-raising technology buried inside millions of Amazon Echo smart speakers and Ring security cameras. They have the ability to make a new kind of wireless network called Sidewalk that shares a slice of your home internet connection with your neighbors’ devices.

And on Tuesday, Amazon is switching Sidewalk on — for everyone.

I’m digging into my settings to turn it off. Sidewalk raises more red flags than a marching band parade: Is it secure enough to be activated in so many homes? Are we helping Amazon build a vast network that can be used for more surveillance? And

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Part of the reason WordPress is the undisputed king of website creation is its open-source framework, allowing anyone to create plugins offering levels of functionality to WordPress sites that were unprecedented. 

So where do you find all the great ideas that are pushing WordPress forward? You can sample a heaping spoonful of that innovation with The Mega 2020 WordPress Plugin Bundle.

This package collects five volumes containing more than 80 different plugins categorized for use doing almost anything you’d want a website to accomplish. Once you start picking through this bundle’s content, you’ll quickly find a dozen different ways

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(Bloomberg) — There are no easy fixes for the Minneapolis Police Department. State lawmakers tried and failed last month to come up with a reform plan after four officers were charged in the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man; the city council is proceeding with a proposal to dismantle the department altogether.

Last month Police Chief Medaria Arradondo outlined his own ideas for change, which included working with an obscure technology firm named Benchmark Analytics. The company takes the idea of predictive policing—which uses algorithms to forecast where crimes will occur or who will commit them—and turns it

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