One such performer is New York–based Margin Research, which has put together a team of well-respected researchers for the task.

“There is a desperate need to treat open-source communities and projects with a higher level of care and respect,” said Sophia d’Antoine, the firm’s  founder. “A lot of existing infrastructure is very fragile because it depends on open source, which we assume will always be there because it’s always been there. This is walking back from the implicit trust we have in open-source code bases and software.”

Margin Research is focused on the Linux kernel in part because it’s so

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People use the wifi outside the Rogers store in Toronto’s Fairview Mall on July 8.Yader Guzman/The Globe and Mail

Rogers Communications Inc. RCI-A-T CEO Tony Staffieri says the telecom is working to “fully understand the root cause” of a widespread network outage that disrupted internet and cellular service around the country on Friday, blocking payment systems and emergency services and creating chaos for businesses and individuals.

Mr. Staffieri said in a statement late Friday that the telecom has made “meaningful progress towards bringing our networks back online” and that many wireless customers are seeing their services return. However, the

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