The once-freewheeling industry was long the main source of well-paid employment in China, but major companies are now reportedly downsizing at a scale not seen before as President Xi Jinping’s government continues its crackdown on private enterprise.

The Chinese government says the country’s overall unemployment rate remains stable, fluctuating between 5% and 5.5% in recent months. And there are no official figures on tech-related job losses so far this year.

Private surveys suggest, however, that jobs are being lost across the economy, and in tech in particular.

According to Lagou, one of China’s largest tech recruitment websites, 2.76 million tech

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When New Jersey assessed the technology it was using three years ago to power everything from state employee payroll to police dispatch, it found what one expert calls massive neglect.

Many programs were deemed high-risk because they were so old, and in other cases just a single state employee knew how to use them.

As a result, some systems were ill-equipped to handle the surge of information and demand generated by this year’s double jolt of a pandemic and an economic tailspin. New Jersey’s antiquated system used for unemployment couldn’t keep up, and residents who lost their jobs or couldn’t

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