Last September, the EU’s EuroHPC Joint Undertaking was budgeted through 2027, announcing a slew of major goals for that timeframe. Among them: quantum computing. Now, that goal is being reified through EuroHPC’s first call for quantum computers, which was accompanied by another call for upgrades to existing EuroHPC systems.

EuroHPC’s quantum entanglement

“Europe aims to have its first quantum-accelerated computer at the end of the decade,” said Leonardo Flores Añover, senior HPC expert for the European Commission, at the HPC User Forum last September. “The intention is to create a European hybrid classical and quantum infrastructure. … At the later

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Since the original iPhone, the rise of “App Stores” has created a new digital economy. There’s a secondary use case for App Stores, and it has become a crucial part

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced approval of 148 Smart Schools Investment Plans aimed at improving school security and reimagining teaching and learning for the 21st century. The approved plans, totaling $94 million, are part of the $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act — a sweeping education technology initiative first proposed by the Governor and overwhelmingly approved by voters.


“As the ongoing public health crisis has shown, now more than ever we must do everything possible to help schools modernize their infrastructure and are equipped to keep students up with their studies even when they can’t be in the classroom,” 

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