Getting blue text bubbles in your Messages app, instead of green ones from non-iPhones, is supposedly Apple’s method of device lock-in. But, even more so, Apple Wallet is suddenly becoming the reason to continue using an iPhone—it keeps the device sticky so existing owners don’t jump ship. It’s been a slow burn to creating this must-have app, but now with its hook in a few key areas, like Apple Pay, ID cards and event tickets, the Apple Wallet could become increasingly hard to live without.

Heading to a San Diego Padres baseball game recently, it struck me how prominent Apple

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  • As ever, fraudulent crypto wallets are finding their way onto app stores and scamming users out of funds.
  • Some crypto scam apps are repackaged after being taken down and sneak past Apple and Google’s app store vetting processes.
  • Before using any cryptocurrency wallet, it’s imperative to verify its authenticity and reputation.

On Feb. 24, an app called “Trezor” was quietly uploaded to the Apple App Store. It appeared to be a crypto app for the popular bitcoin hardware wallet, and it linked to the legitimate website and privacy policy. 

The developers labelled it “Data Not Collected” with Apple’s “nutrition

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