Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun.

Photo courtesy Sandy Anuras, the chief technology officer of Sunrun

Tech workers are walking away from high-paying jobs with great perks to help fight what they believe is the greatest existential problem of our lifetimes: climate change.

In some cases, that has meant taking a pay cut. But Sandy Anuras, who recently joined home solar provider Sunrun as its chief technology officer, says a big paycheck sometimes comes with a price.

“The tech giants have had these huge compensation packages. And it’s hard to say no to a huge compensation package,” Anuras

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Harrisburg, PADepartment of Labor & Industry (L&I) Secretary Jennifer Berrier today announced awards totaling nearly $900,000 to connect Pennsylvania workers with the skills they need to effectively navigate the technology platforms used in today’s workplaces.

L&I selected 21 recipients for Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grants, which will help workers develop basic digital skills they need to apply for jobs and succeed in new careers.

“Technology used in the workplace will always evolve, so our workforce development strategies must also evolve to secure Pennsylvania’s competitive edge in the global economy,” Berrier said. “These grants empower local organizations

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The average salary for a tech worker reached US$104,566 in 2021, yet nearly half still feel they’re underpaid.

Forced to digitize operations and move to virtual work because of a worldwide pandemic, as well as address increased security concerns raised by those developments, organizations were hungry for tech talent in 2021 and willing to pay for it, Dice, a technology-focused employment website, noted in its annual tech salary report released last week.

According to the survey, technologists in IT management — CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and such — made the highest average salary ($151,983) in 2021, followed by systems architect ($147,901)

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With remote work here to stay, a conundrum for many firms is where to tap into the stay-at-home workforce. Karat, a maker of a talent platform for developers, has an answer to that riddle.

The company has identified what it considers the 10 best cities — outside major tech hubs like the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle and New York — for hiring remote software engineers.

Breaking out of the traditional tech hubs to find the next best cities for software engineers to hire remote developers isn’t a new idea, Karat explained in a company blog. Distributed engineering teams

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Colombia-based call center workers who provide outsourced customer service to some of the nation’s largest companies are being pressured to sign a contract that lets their employer install cameras in their homes to monitor work performance, an NBC News investigation has found.

Six workers based in Colombia for Teleperformance, one of the world’s largest call center companies, which counts Apple, Amazon and Uber among its clients, said that they are concerned about the new contract, first issued in March. The contract allows monitoring by AI-powered cameras in workers’ homes, voice analytics and storage of data collected from the worker’s family

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Native-born information technology (IT) professionals and people with computer-related majors chose their careers well. New research shows native-born Americans working in computer fields earn much higher salaries than workers in other fields.

“U.S. natives who work in a computer-related occupations or have a college degree in a computer-related major earn substantially more than other professional workers or college graduates with other majors, including other

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