People use the wifi outside the Rogers store in Toronto’s Fairview Mall on July 8.Yader Guzman/The Globe and Mail

Rogers Communications Inc. RCI-A-T CEO Tony Staffieri says the telecom is working to “fully understand the root cause” of a widespread network outage that disrupted internet and cellular service around the country on Friday, blocking payment systems and emergency services and creating chaos for businesses and individuals.

Mr. Staffieri said in a statement late Friday that the telecom has made “meaningful progress towards bringing our networks back online” and that many wireless customers are seeing their services return. However, the

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Any meaningful digital marketing strategy takes a commitment of time and money to put together. That commitment can involve days, weeks or even months of brainstorming sessions, research, analysis, strategy building, testing and more, taking the skill and collaboration of some of your best and brightest to create something that helps your brand shine.

But even the best-planned digital marketing campaign can sometimes hit a lull, reaching a point where it no longer delivers value to your business or brand-building efforts. When that happens, the hard work you’ve put into that strategy

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West Philadelphia High School responded to the pandemic like many other school districts across the country by sending its nearly 198,000 students home to learn on school-issued Chromebooks.

Naturally, the technology endured wear and tear, and the district tapped one of its three computer systems networking programs to get the devices back in working order.

Nah’ree Gross, 18, is a junior at West Philadelphia High School and is a student in the program. Gross says he’s always had a knack for tech.

“I grew up loving technology in general, video games, Xbox and computers and stuff so it just came

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AT&T is shutting down its 3G network on Feb. 22, something that should only affect people with very old devices, mostly flip phones. But a subset of unlocked smartphone owners are getting caught up in this mess, and some of them don’t even know it.

The folks getting a nasty surprise are people who bought smartphones not designed for US networks. Some of them aren’t sold here, like Huawei and Xiaomi models. Those were always living on borrowed time. The really tricky ones, though, are Samsung models that look exactly like phones sold and supported in the US, but aren’t.

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Concentrated female employee typing at workplace using computer. Side view portrait of a copywriter working on pc home.

With WFH now being the norm at least for some, it is tempting to speculate that well-established gigantic tech hubs like Silicon Valley are on track to becoming ghost towns, while employees scatter across different cities.   

Getty Images/iStockphoto

For many tech workers, stuck in small flats and paying an exorbitant rent just to be within commuting distance of company headquarters in huge hubs like Silicon Valley, the global switch to remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic unlocked the possibility of telecommuting to work from a cheaper, greener, better location. 

Leading technology companies were soon promising their workers that the

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With the pandemic emphasizing the need for greater internet connectivity over the last year, a group of midcoast towns has come together in an attempt to create a municipally-owned broadband network in the Knox County region.

The group, the Midcoast Internet Coalition, is currently working to create the nonprofit entity that will oversee the establishment of the broadband network and is asking Knox County to consider allocating $7.7 million in federal funding the county is set to receive through the American Rescue Plan to the broadband project.

The type of utility that the coalition is seeking to establish would

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