Wireless charging is one of those smartphone features you only see on very high-end flagship phones. However, with the launch of the Nothing phone (1) a new trend could kick-off, bringing the premium feature to more affordable devices in the future.

But how does the seemingly magical technology work? How does a charging pad wirelessly transfer power to your phone’s battery, and why is wireless charging more handy than you think?

These are some questions I will be answering in today’s edition of Tech InDepth.

What is wireless charging?

A pretty self-explanatory term, wireless charging refers to charging without wires.

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Using your home network is as easy as typing in a password and opening your Netflix app to watch a movie, but your network and everything that’s needed for it to work so seamlessly are probably the most complex and unique devices you own.

Home networks exist to let digital devices talk to each other and to other devices out in the world over a global network called the internet. While you don’t need to understand precisely how your home network functions to enjoy it, spending some time under the hood will both give you an appreciation for the tech

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Prior to arriving at UNC, 2020 graduate Charlie Helms had only briefly heard about the field of computer science. But when he attended UNC’s admitted students day, he was immediately drawn to the Black and Latinx computer science group that the computer science department advertised. 

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna have people that look like me that are coders,’” Helms said. “I’ve never met a Black computer scientist before, so I was like, ‘This is amazing. It’s a perfect match.’” 

But after initially struggling in coursework for COMP 110: Intro to Programming at UNC, he began searching

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Almost exactly a year ago, we attended Oppo Innovation Day 2019 in Shenzhen. At the event, Oppo showed off the first under-display smartphone camera concept. While there were multiple other technologies highlighted at the event, the hidden selfie camera was clearly the star of the show, as it begins the final chapter of creating a truly bezel-less smartphone.

Well, Oppo still hasn’t released a smartphone with the technology. But as goes the course of capitalism, if you don’t make something, someone else will. And this time, that someone is ZTE.

The Axon 20 5G is a new offering from ZTE,

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