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Warmest regards, readers. Jordan Parker Erb here. Another Uber exec is leaving the company, and Apple has plans for a new laptop.

Let’s dive in.

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1. Another Uber executive is leaving the company. Dennis Cinelli, Uber’s head of rides in the US and Canada, is the latest in a string of top-level executives that have left Uber in the past six months.

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In other news:

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

2. Meta abandoned its plans to release an Apple Watch rival. According to Bloomberg, Meta scrapped its two-year-long project to develop a smart watch, which was slated for a 2023 release at about $349. Meanwhile, the company also decided it would not be selling the first version of its augmented reality glasses — here’s why

3. New side hustle alert: A TikToker explains how much he makes as a “sleepfluencer.” Jakey Boehm, a 28-year-old Australian TikToker, said he earns “life-changing money” by letting his audience of more than 400,000 followers pay to disturb his sleep. See how much he makes for sleeping.

4. Elon Musk is really worried about bots. We explain why. Musk has threatened to nix his Twitter deal over too many bots on the platform. And while they could have real implications for Twitter’s ad revenue, they’re tricky to measure — so we broke down everything you need to know about the Musk-bot debacle.

5. A former Bolt engineer borrowed nearly $100,000 to exercise his stock options. A few months later, he was laid off along with about one-third of the workforce — and now has just 90 days to pay back his vested shares to Bolt, worth about $40,000. Read his experience here.

6. Stitch Fix just laid off 15% of its salaried employees. A leaked memo viewed by CNBC shows the layoffs will mostly affect corporate roles and styling leadership positions. Get the full rundown.

7. Microsoft just halted TV advertising. Three sources familiar with the issue said it’s not clear when TV ads would resume — the latest sign of trouble for tech, and an early indicator of the economic downturn’s effect on the ad industry. What we know so far.

8. Apple is planning a new 15-inch MacBook Air. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported the new model could arrive by 2023, and would be the first of that size in the company’s history. Everything you want to know.

Odds and ends:

inside the eBay vault with valuable trading cards on the right side and a lit walkway on the left side


9. Ebay just launched a temperature-controlled facility to store valuable trading cards. The 31,000 square-foot vault has 24/7 security — and expensive cards can be bought and sold in seconds without ever leaving the vault. Check it out here.

10. If you have an older Apple device, it may no longer get software updates. A surprising number of older iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches, and other devices won’t be eligible for Apple’s most recent software updates, announced this week. Here’s how you can to stay up to date.

The latest people moves in tech:

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