The ABCs of HubSpot Sales Hub

Businesses seeking an integrated tool that maximizes the potential of customer relations management (CRM) while focusing on sales should consider the Sales Hub available through HubSpot. This suite of software and applications offers great value as a standalone module and further allows your sales team to be closely connected with other business functions that are using functionality such as the CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, and Service Hub.

The ABCs of HubSpot Sales Hub

This defines a scalable option that provides flexibility for your company, as well as an integrated platform that partners with the contacts in your CRM throughout the buyer’s journey, from their time as prospects through their transition into loyal customers who value what you offer

Like all the other Hubs, HubSpot’s Sales hub comes in a free version and paid versions from Starter to Professional to HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise level subscriptions.


An Overview of the Sales Hub Features

The suite of Sales Hub resources allows your company to start conversations, deepen relationships, manage your pipeline, and help sales teams close more deals.

Starting Conversations

Engage with new and current customers with helpful tools and software. Valuable features in this part of the Sales Hub include:

  • Free Email Templates: This HubSpot feature includes a library of built-in template emails that will guide your customers through their journey with your company. That option is also available for those who wish to develop other message variations. Metrics for open rates and click rates allow members of your firm to evaluate which attachments, buttons and links your targeted recipients select and explore. Managers can also examine statistics for all templates combined or focus on those for a particular sales rep.

  • Free Email Tracking Software: Get immediate notification when a prospect decides to open an email or investigate a link sent to them. Your firm also can develop personalized outreach strategies after contacts start to engage with emails sent to them. Follow-up notifications are possible immediately after a prospect opens a targeted email, a document sent to them, or a suggested link.

  • Document Tracking: Know that someone has chosen to open a document or share content by receiving an alert informing your team that they are interested in the content you have sent. These document-tracking functions can be shared across the team by developing a library of accurate and current sales content. A drop-down menu allows team members to select from documents already created.

  • Conversation Intelligence: HubSpot’s conversation AI functions offer insights from the customer conversations received by your business. This information proves to be incredibly valuable for both sales reps and management. You also can gather hours of voice data in your CRM to gather valuable insight into changing market dynamics and to understand competitive trends. Conversation intelligence allows for the ramping up of new reps, better coaching, understanding performance patterns, and sharing feedback.

  • Call Tracking Software: The rich data already in your company’s CRM offers a great resource for developing sales call strategies and calling schedules. Enjoy the ability to prioritize calls and set up a daily queue for outreach efforts. You can maintain records of conversations with clients through the click-to-call options available.

  • Sales Automation Tools: Old-school follow-up takes time and may lead to a prospect slipping through the cracks. Automation tools available through the HubSpot Sales Hub allow your team members to harness a series of automated emails and develop follow-up tasks and strategies for prospects so that you remain in touch with them. Working in tandem with the HubSpot CRM, you can personalize messages, develop sequential emails, and add a personal touch to your communications.

Deepening Relationships

After beginning valuable conversations, tools available through the HubSpot Sales Hub permit you to build trust and develop a relationship that encourages brand loyalty as prospects become loyal customers through these functions:

  • Meeting Scheduler: Playing phone tag or handling to-and-from email messages to confirm meetings takes too much time. The meetings tool available through HubSpot allows a prospect or repeat customer to schedule a meeting with an individual team member or multiple workers at a company. Integrated with the contacts database, this tool allows for the booking and confirmation of appointments with a particular rep or the best person available at the desired time. Information from prospects is added to your HubSpot contacts database with this feature.

  • Payments: The payments tool allows your firm to accept instant payments and get funds faster. Developed to offer a purchase experience both customers and sales team members will enjoy, this feature allows internal staff to track a customer’s purchases and payment activity, offers the options for online subscriptions and recurring payments, and handles transactions in a secure manner.

  • Free Live Chat Software: A live chat option allows prospects and returning customers to reach you on their terms, get the information they want when they want it, and handle communications in a way that allows cases to pass seamlessly between sales and service teams, with leads shared internally. Save and store conversations to track interactions, with the ability to incorporate chatbots to handle time-intensive or repetitive tasks — such as basic customer support questions and scheduling meetings — without the need to develop code.

Managing Your Pipeline

Automate tasks, track progress, and enable team members to use their top talents with helpful software and analytics available in these features:

  • Sales Management Playbooks: HubSpot offers the ability to develop sales playbooks with pricing guidelines, product specs, information, and other content that will keep your sales team focused, empowered, and enabled. Capture important details about competitors on a battle card so your team member can communicate differences about your offerings that make them a better choice. Have a wealth of documents digitally available in the HubSpot CRM for immediate access.

  • Quote Software: Have sales data and information stored and readily available so team members may respond to individualized client requests with a quote that they see in seconds rather than hours. Stay fresh and relevant while the customer has your firm on their mind. Create detailed quotes in seconds with precise language that looks like it took much longer to prepare. Include a payment option so they can move from an interested party to a satisfied customer in a simple transaction.

  • Sales Analytics and Reporting: Enjoy a macro view of sales metrics with reporting software that allows you to evaluate leads, performance, sales and marketing knowledge across the organization, and areas for improvement, so team members may successfully meet their goals. Rather than fumbling through numerous spreadsheets of disparate origin, get answers to your questions from HubSpot’s comprehensive and integrated analytical tools. Customize sales reports, keep real-time statistics on team performance, and have important decision-making tools flow into your information pipeline.

  • Access to the Mobile CRM App: Enjoy access to your HubSpot CRM on demand with helpful tools available on your mobile device for moments away from the office. Communicate, collaborate, interact, reach out, and respond to clients and other units without checking in since the app securely syncs with your HubSpot account. Record your message rather than having to type it, share tasks with colleagues, and maintain real-time communications.

  • Sales Pipeline Management Software: Develop deals from your firm’s CRM with software that allows your sales team to spend more time pursuing valuable contacts instead of entering rote information onto forms. Pipeline management software allows you to define the processes that work best for your firm’s needs so you can devote precious time to finalizing deals rather than engaging in clerical tasks.

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software: Integrate qualified leads and established customers, so that information developed from the marketing and sales initiatives is easily available for the ABM strategy you wish to develop. Replace fractured silos with an integrated process that encourages collaboration both within and across teams at your firm.

Build Sales with the HubSpot Sales Hub

Our team of professionals can guide your firm through the transition to HubSpot. From selecting the right hubs at the right subscription levels to enabling the rapid solution deployment and onboarding your teams to effectively using HubSpot’s functionality and maximizing your ROI.


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