The Best Ways to Build a Loyal Customer Base in 2023!

It seems like every time we look up, there’s another crisis looming – a recession, supply chain issues, weather emergencies – yikes! One new crisis (we’re sorry to tell you) is that Aussie consumers aren’t feeling loyal to businesses. According to reports from R/GA, 60% of Australians are unsure if they would make the same purchasing choice if they could do it over. And this applies to a wide range of industries, from automotive and telecoms to retail, banking, and insurance. Ouch.

The good news is that we have the solution

So, what’s a business to do? Well, our digital marketing agency in Melbourne has tried and tested solutions for building customer loyalty! Here’s what you should put into action right away.

#1 – Don’t over-promise – then under-deliver

One of the biggest reasons that customers don’t come back to a business is disappointment. We totally understand that you want your business to stand out, but this needs to be done with authenticity and honesty rather than candyfloss promises that dissolve into nothing when the person buys from you. Rather than falling into the trap of over-hyping your brand or products, set expectations early, make sure your customer journey matches what you’re promising, and show off the uniqueness and strength of your product/service rather than telling people what you think they want to hear.

#2 – Personalise, personalise, personalise

This is where smaller businesses can easily shine the brightest! Building a personal relationship with your customers is a huge driving factor in creating loyalty. Collect data about your customers – from their name through to the past queries and past purchases they have made. Whether someone walks into a business or contacts you by phone or online, you want them to have the same great one-on-one experience, so call them by name, remember them, and develop personal email marketing campaigns that are based on their interests as an individual.

#3 – Build a sense of community

As Aussies, we have a massive amount of love for our communities – and as a result, we’re much more likely to continue to support businesses that share these values. Start by highlighting your role in the community, how long you’ve served the area or your vision for being part of it. Branch out and participate in community events, fundraising, and upliftment projects. Share personalised profiles of your staff and their role in the community as well as your business, and even partner up with established businesses that complement your offering to help tap into their loyal base. You want to be involved in making your community special, participating in local events, and developing a strong sense of belonging for your brand and your customers.

#4 – Create a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great way to get customers to return to your business, and it’s easy to set up a digital campaign that rewards your clients for coming back for more. It makes people feel appreciated, and that’s one of the most powerful – yet underrated – marketing techniques! We also love referral programs, which are ideal for services that aren’t needed on a very regular basis. Here, your client recommends you to friends and family, earning a small fee or reward for doing so. This creates powerful word-of-mouth marketing as well as showcasing the quality of the service or product you supply!

Digital marketing that’s straightforward, rewarding, and customised to your business

At Digital Freak, we understand Melbourne’s small businesses – because we are one! We’re just as much a part of the community as you are, and we want to help bring customers to your door to experience what you’ve got to offer. We’re a no-nonsense, affordable digital marketing company (although we have a sense of humour!) with a proven record in helping businesses just like yours, from law firms, IT companies and orthodontists to gin distilleries, interior designers, and more! Chat with us today for a FREE assessment and let us show you a new way to do digital.

The Best Ways to Build a Loyal Customer Base in 2023!

Written by

Karyn Szulc – CEO, Founder

When clients work with me, they get exactly what they want – no-nonsense, authentic digital marketing that works! With my industry experience, eye for detail, and a team that goes the extra mile, every client gets the personalised, expert treatment they deserve. Let’s get you online – and growing!

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