Tips To Optimize Your Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated server hosting is undoubtedly the best way to create a top-notch, high-performing webpage for any business. By leveraging the power of optimization, you can easily enhance your website performance.

But before buying a dedicated server for your business, let us understand a few tips to optimize it. Also, If you are new and want to start your hosting journey with a dedicated server, your first step is to buy a domain and web hosting for your business.

How to Optimize Your Dedicated Hosting Server

1.       Priority setting adjustment

You can make adjustments to your priority setting of dedicated server hosting NZ to optimize its performance as it helps determine the scale in which each task shall be carried out.

Many times, people overlook this step and stick with their default settings without even realizing that just making changes in this setting can reduce the loading time of your web pages as well as general latency.

Therefore, get the right priority setting for your dedicated server and operating system by exploring it.

2.       Optimization of delivery of Javascript

To enhance your javascript delivery, you need to speed up your page loading. Usually, the browser halts page loading until a JavaScript file is thoroughly read, causing delays known as JavaScript Render-Blocking.

Therefore, when you make changes in this setting to defer and do the same with your CSS, you will notice a difference. Further, you can regularly review and streamline your code to reduce file size, enhancing your website’s speed and performance.

3.       Take security as a prime priority

It would be best if you prioritized security to ensure the safety of your server’s speed and overall performance. Ignoring security can lead to increased cyber threats, such as powerful DDoS attacks that can not only slow down your web page but can also bring down the entire server. Hence, make security a top priority to minimize the risk of downtime and speed issues.

4.       Get a proxy server

A proxy server is primarily a link between the user and the internet. Getting a proxy server is a crucial step as it protects your server from getting attacked by malware.

It not only ensures peace of mind but also ensures that your data is not compromised. With a proxy server, you get all the needed backup support. This further maintains smooth operations while you study and address the root cause of the problem.

Other Key Considerations for Optimizing Your Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Invest in excellent quality and best hardware and software based on your business size.
  • Keep a deep understanding of your Service Level Agreements, which outline legal responsibilities and speed assurances.
  • Scrutinize all essential security aspects when related to a dedicated server in NZ.
  • Plan for scalability to adapt to future growth.
  • Get the most of 24/7 support services for steady assistance.


Buying your dedicated server is an important business decision. Hence ensuring that you follow the above discussed tips can help you optimize your dedicated server. Although you may require some technical knowledge for implementation, you can take the help of dozens of tutorials and guides that are available online to do so.

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