Internet Network

Weymouth could get its own municipal internet

WEYMOUTH – Mayor Robert Hedlund wants the town to develop a plan for launching its own municipal fiber network to provide townwide internet access.

Hedlund will submit a proposal to the Weymouth Town Council asking to use about $25,000 to fund a master plan as the first step in the process. The money would come from the host community agreement with Algonquin Gas Transmission, the company that owns the natural gas compressor station.

“Overall, the ultimate goal is quality improvement for residents,” Hedlund said in a statement. “A municipal fiber network is not only more cost-effective in terms of competition for internet service providers, but also is more resilient in the event of a public safety concern or weather event. This would benefit not only the individual resident but also town services and our larger critical infrastructure such as the power plant or South Shore Hospital.”