Internet Network

Why does my internet keep going out?

Q: Due to the high costs of cable TV of late, I finally decided to cut the cord and try streaming. I purchased a Roku kit and signed up for a paid Hulu Live TV account to get started. It took me a while to learn how to navigate around Hulu and use their guide, but I am satisfied with it and spending much less, which is good. However, I am having a problem with my Xfinity internet, which seems to go down regularly for four to five minutes at a time. This has happened in the past on my computer, but it’s become more problematic now that I have to rely on my internet for both surfing the web and watching TV. When contacting Xfinity Support about this, I was told their tests show that my modem and router are working correctly and that the wiring to the house is good. So why are there so many outages, and what can I do about it? 

— Bud B., Fort Pierce 

A: Seeing that Comcast Support has confirmed that your signal is strong and there is no issue with your home’s wiring, there’s a chance that the way your network is setup in your house may be at fault.