Your Business Is Not Visible To Customers

Your Business Is Not Visible To Customers

Google may have a bug, it is a confirmed bug according to some local SEOs, where a bunch of businesses are seeing a notice in Google Search that “your business is not visible to customers” in Google Search or Google Maps. While Google is telling you that your business is not visible on Google, it is actually not true, the businesses are visible – this notice is a bug and is probably freaking a lot of people out.

This notice is showing up in the new Google Business Profile editor screen within Google Search.

Here is a screenshot from Garrison Agency on Twitter but there are tons of complaints in the Google Business Profile Forums – tons – too many for me to list:

Google Your Business Not Visible To Customers

Here is another image from the forum of this:

click for full size

Krystal Taing and Ben Fisher, local SEOs, who are product experts, said this is a confirmed bug and there is no ETA for a fix:

Krystal also wrote in the forums, “This is likely a current bug that Google is already aware of and investigating. At the moment, no action is needed, I will provide an update as soon as we hear back from Google!”

So if you see this for your business listing, you are not alone.

Yes, Google has really confirmed this is a bug, see here:

Forum discussion at Twitter and tons on Google Business Profile Forums and Local Search Forum.

Update: At noon, this started to work again:

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